Digital Learning

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Date: Week 4: 22-16 June


Following on from yesterday’s webinar with Ian Stuart and Ollie Bray, I will be looking at how an ‘ordinary’ school was using the SAMR framework to develop digital education and how these plans were disrupted and boosted by the COVID related lockdown: Jay Helbert, Inverary Primary School

‘Start from Where we are’ was the rallying cry that made sustainable improvement possible and prevented us from over burdening ourselves with workload, prevented burnout and kept us sane.  It also enabled us to see the silver lining opportunities that lock down presented us with so that we will come out the other side with richly enhanced pedagogy and refuse to go back to the ‘old normal’

Build from where you are: Ian Stuart, Microsoft Education, Modern Classroom Experience

Using OneNote Notebook to work with pupils in a familiar way and how to simply augment this.

Time Out: Digital digging, 4-D Planning and Shared Learning Spaces: Professor Do Coyle, University of Edinburgh

Do will present key messages drawn from her work with pupils, students and teachers which explore re-thinking learning and teaching in the digital world


  • Ian Stuart Microsoft Education, Modern Classroom Experience
  • Jay Helbert Head Teacher - Inverary Primary School
  • Professor Do Coyle Chair in Languages Education and Classroom Pedagogy - University of Edinburgh

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