Digital Learning

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Date: Week 4: 22-16 June


Lessons from Lockdown: Ollie Bray, the LEGO Foundation

This session will offer a global perspective by exploring some of the key learnings from school closure around the world. It will also draw on practical examples and lessons from a variety of school systems (including Denmark) where schools have either opened or in the process of re-opening. Importantly, we will consider how these lessons can be applied to the Scottish context for the new academic year and contribute to building resilience for future periods of closure.

Modification – Using Teams as a hub to change the learning task: Ian Stuart, Microsoft Education, Modern Classroom Experience



  • Ollie Bray Global Director: Connecting Play and Education - the LEGO Foundation
  • James Fanning Senior Education Officer - Education Scotland
  • Ian Stuart Microsoft Education, Modern Classroom Experience

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