Future Learning Environments

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Date: Week 1: 19-23 April


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Department Stores | Palaces of Consumption reimagined as Palaces of Learning: James Dilley, Jestico + Whiles

As leaders in design for education, Jestico + Whiles is concerned that the exponential growth in remote learning has negated the essential social and cultural interaction that was a natural and essential benefit of education.

In parallel with the growth in online learning we have seen the rapid decline of physical retail, leading to the demise of the Department Store.

Located at the cultural, social and geographical hearts of our cities and towns, we propose that the redundant department stores can become inclusive, trans-generational Learning Stores for those from all backgrounds, aged 0-100. Our Palaces of Consumption, will become Palaces of Learning.

Pop-up Schools | Gabriella Watkins Architectural Assistant and Richard Taylor, Project Architect both from Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture

We launched the Pop-up Schools initiative in May 2020 to address the challenges schools would face in maintaining social distancing and Covid-safe learning environments. Our proposal was for a series of pop-up, tent-like structures, each of which is arranged to follow the two-metre social distancing rule between pupils, with the adaptability to host different classroom setups. We proposed reusing resources such as marquees and portable bathroom facilities from outdoor festivals that would otherwise be dormant during the current pandemic.

Since then, we have delivered Pop-ups at schools across the country. The temporary provision liberates existing internal school space, taking the pupil load off circulation areas, and also enhances air-flow, contributing to individuals’ wellbeing.




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