Community Values – How do we spread the benefits of construction in a COVID-restricted world?

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Date: Week 5: 29 June-3 July


We all have different ideas of what ‘social value’ means and what impact a construction project can have on a local community and local economy.

At Galliford Try, we follow the social value maturity journey through measuring outcomes, analysing impacts and understanding the lasting legacy created by the value of the investment made through a construction project. We take time to engage and understand what the community feel is valuable and adapt our support to meet the bespoke needs of specific communities and schools.

With the current pandemic situation and potential economic recession, creating a positive impact through capital investment is even more important, but how do we deliver the most benefit for the community?

We’ve put together a panel to discuss social value and the benefits that can be generated for an existing community through education building projects or how they can help to galvanise a new community, with particular relevance to the challenges of today.

Heather Bryant Corporate Responsibility Manager will introduce Galliford Try’s approach to social value and how that is supported by our vision and values

Nigel Rose from Macc and Greater Manchester Social Value Network will focus on a vision for the strategic role of social value in Greater Manchester in the light of the pandemic, key debates in social value and  approaches that are most likely to maximise social, environmental and economic benefit.

Ian Simpson from Multi Academy Trust Oasis Community Learning will introduce the Oasis ethos and how they use their community hub model to support vulnerable families and in doing so, narrow the disadvantage gap. Ian will also introduce the Oasis development programme and how by focusing on key habits better relationships and greater empathy can be fostered.

Patrick Hanfling, Neighbourhood Manager at Manchester City Council, will look at the role of community engagement within the neighbourhood teams, how they act as a facilitator between developers and local communities to the benefit of the local area.


  • Claire Jackson Education Director - Galliford Try
  • Heather Bryant Corporate Responsibility Manager - Galliford Try
  • Nigel Rose Macc, Strategic Lead (Commissioning) and Co-ordinator - Greater Manchester Social Value Network
  • Patrick Hanfling Neighbourhood Manager Hulme and Ardwick - Manchester City Council
  • Ian Simpson Executive Principal and Lead Advisor for Inclusion - Oasis Community Learning

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