Looking to the future: a discussion on how university design might change post-2020?

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Date: Week 5: 29 June-3 July


What impact will the current experience for coronavirus have on the future design of universities.  Will things return to the way they were or will there be change?  What will students and staff expect of the university of the future, while we also see a greater focus on an environmentally sustainable world with equality for all people. One thing for sure is that there is a huge black hole caused by an anticipated loss of some £7 billion of income from overseas students.  Universities will recover, as they always have done, but something has to change, hopefully for the better.

Four panellists with considerable experience of designing university buildings will present their thoughts on the future design of universities followed by a question and answer session:

  • Chair: Ian Caldwell, former Director of Estates at King’s College London and a Trustee of HEDQF
  • Rod McAllister, Architect and Film-maker
  • Rupert Cook, Director of ArchitecturePLB
  • Stephen Smith, Partner at Wright & Wright Architects
  • Sasha Krstanović:  Director of Building Engineering at AECOM


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