Modern Methods of Construction

Time: 16:00 - 17:30

Date: Week 5: 29 June-3 July


Modular & Portable Building Association (MPBA). The Industry’s Association: Andy King, Chairman, MPBA

Modern construction with an ancient material for inspirational buildings in education: Chris Leese, TG Escapes Eco Buildings to Inspire

Despite timber being one of the oldest forms of construction, it’s often classified as a modern method of construction. This is probably due to us only now rediscovering the amazing qualities of this material.

Chris will guide you through how the offsite manufacture of TG Escapes sectional timber frame system allows us to create buildings which are zero carbon in operation and will soon have a zero carbon lifecycle.

Using examples from education we will show you how our biophilic principles of exposed timber natural light and outdoor learning spaces provide a number of educational benefits…..

MMC for Education Building Design:Wayne Yeomans, Caledonian Modular

Review of Caledonian Modular’s approach MMC design and construction of Education Buildings.  The presentation will touch on the process of design using a standardised kit of parts whilst still allowing design flexibility.



  • Chris Leese TG Escapes Eco Buildings to Inspire
  • Andy King Deputy Managing Director - Wernick Buildings
  • Wayne Yeomans Senior Business Development Manager - Caledonian Modular

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