Outdoor Learning

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Date: Week 4: 22-16 June


Why outdoors? Natalie White, East Ayrshire Council

5 quick cases studies that exemplify the use of the outdoor spaces for engaging and meaningful learning.

Place-responsive Teaching and Learning: Dr Greg Mannion, University of Stirling

In this short talk, I explain the idea of place-responsive pedagogy – how we learn from the reciprocal response making between people and the places we seek to inhabit more sustainably. For educators, considering the role of place in curriculum-making means being place-based or, more specifically, place-responsive. Currently, many educators do think or plan in quite place-ambivalent ways seeing the inputs and outcomes as generic and related to solely human concerns. Yet, in fact, as we are all realising at this time of global pandemic, all educators need to be more sensitive to how we are connected to places near and far in practice and become aware of relational inputs and outcomes. This is because agencies that are not human: the weather, pollinating insects, climate change, corona viruses and so on will impact us in whatever location we find ourselves. As I show with examples, some educators successfully take ‘place’ as the primary shaping context for their pedagogy and work in ‘place-essential’ ways, encouraging deeper response making between learners and the elements and entities, living and non-living, found in places whether they are near or further flung.


  • Dr Greg Mannion Senior Lecturer in Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Stirling
  • Natalie White Outdoor Learning Development Officer and Principal Teacher - East Ayrshire Council
  • James Lee Festival Director - Festival of Learning Spaces

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