Resilient Estates

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Date: Week 5: 29 June-3 July


The challenges and opportunities of lockdown & reopening – a resilient estates approach: Trevor Payne, University of Birmingham

Taking the theme of resilient estates, I will outline the approach that UoB has taken to move to restricted operations on campus and the plans & process used to reopen the campus in preparation for the academic year commencing Sept 2020. I will discuss the framework that was used and the perceived challenges and opportunities that are emerging as we reopen our campus.

Using Campus Analytics to reopen and optimise university campus: Becky Hayward, Buro Happold

Taking the theme of resilient estates, we will address the challenge of reopening university buildings and campuses in a physically distanced environment. We will discuss how to get back to business with the health of students and staff at the forefront.





  • Trevor Payne Director of Estates - University of Birmingham
  • Becky Hayward Analytics Lead - Buro Happold
  • Ann Allen Chair - Architecture & Design Scotland

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