Alexander Grigull

Associate at Grimshaw

Co-chair HEDQF Research Group


Alexander is an Associate at Grimshaw with a specific interest in the integration of architecture into complex environments to create inclusive, human-centric yet efficient and vibrant spaces that enable people to accelerate their professional pursuits.

Alex has most recently been involved with redefining London’s largest master plan, to become a lively, active new Knowledge Quarter spanning across the multi-modal Euston transport interchange.

Prior to this, he played an integral role in all phases of the multi-award-winning redevelopment of the University of Southampton’s Boldrewood Campus Master Plan since the project’s first inception in 2007.

Alexander’s particular focus is on tertiary education, laboratory and research facilities, that raise awareness of the importance of learning, innovation and scientific exploration.

Alongside his project work Alex is part of developing Grimshaw’s Net Zero Carbon Urban Design guide. Alexander has recently taken on the interim co-chair of the HEDQF Research Group and led the research on the Sustainable Campuses Study.

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