Claire Mantle

Schools Sector Lead,



As ADP’s Schools Sector Lead, I provide strategic thinking and technical advice across the practice, whilst developing imaginative designs around individual school pedagogies.

Being part of the ADP schools team for the last 12 years, I have delivered a large number of schools under the DfE framework to date. Through this experience, I’ve developed strong stakeholder engagement skills; working with staff, local authorities, trusts, governors, parents, pupils and contractors to deliver happy and conducive learning environments.

With a strong portfolio of school projects across our studios, ADP has won RIBA, RICS, Civic Trust and community based awards for our school design. Putting the pupil at the centre of the design process, and creating learning environments that respond to current educational pedagogies are at the heart of our approach.

ADP also has wide-ranging experience in the higher education, healthcare and commercial sectors. This is combined with the flexibility to serve our clients from friendly, local studios in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and Sherborne.

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