Jack Harvie-Clark MA (HONS), MIOA

Apex Acoustics Ltd


Jack Harvie-Clark is the founder of Apex Acoustics, an industry-leading and multi-award-winning acoustics consultancy providing design and testing services across the UK. A new acoustic design method for open plan offices received two awards in 2019.

Jack has published a wide variety of papers around acoustics in education. He was a committee member and major contributor to the government’s BB 93: Acoustic Design of schools: performance standards, and he produced and edited the accompanying Acoustics of Schools: A design guide. He wrote the current standard for acoustic testing of schools, that is referenced in government contracts and BREEAM.

Jack is a WELL™ Sound Concept Advisor. He sits on the International Standards (ISO) Committee for the forthcoming ISO 22955: Acoustic Quality of Open Office Spaces. Jack is the immediate past-Chair of the Association of Noise Consultants

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