Wayne Yeomans

Senior Business Development Manager

Caledonian Modular


Wayne Yeomans is a Senior Business Development Manager at Caledonian Modular, one of the UK’s leading offsite construction companies.

Wayne has worked in the construction industry for nearly 30 years and is responsible for expanding Caledonian’s activities in the Residential, Student Accommodation, Hotels, Health and Education sectors.

With 15 years of experience in offsite, he is passionate how offsite manufacturing is transforming the way we build.

Prior to joining Caledonian, Wayne has worked for principal contractors, modular specialists and structural frame contractors, developing building solutions with clients across all UK construction sectors.  His experience includes permanent, bespoke modular buildings for hospitals, schools and commercial projects; offsite housing for rent and market sale, and interim facilities to meet short-term customer needs.

Wayne continues to work closely with developers, local authorities, public and private sector healthcare providers, architects and consultants to bring highly engineered concepts and innovative building solutions to reality.

Wayne is an experienced conference speaker and has previously represented at the Construction Leadership Council, Buildoffsite, Offsite Management School and the MPBA.

Caledonian Modular offers the full range of design, manufacturing, fitting out and construction services for the delivery of high quality, affordable and sustainable buildings.  This award-winning business has been successfully delivering bespoke, fast-track offsite schemes and interim modular buildings for over 50 years. Its projects are completed in up to half the time of in-situ construction, with significantly less impact on the environment, greater certainty of completion on time and budget and a highly flexible, agile approach to building.

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