Headline Festival Sponsor: TG Escapes

TG Escapes design and build bespoke eco buildings in education. Their modular offsite process keeps the cost down, environmental impact low, timelines short and delivers an inspiring learning space.

Using natural materials and providing plenty of natural light as well as access to the outdoors, teachers find the buildings good for mental well-being and educational outcomes.

They offer a full service to take care of everything from architect design and planning (if needed) to handover. From small breakout rooms to two storey blocks, their bespoke designs are used for classrooms, sports facilities, studios, chapels, canteens, training centres, SEND and staff rooms.

Join the TG Escapes Tree Planting program with EcoMatcher and help to re-forest the planet.

Eco-building providers TG Escapes are planting trees on behalf of their customers with the aim of engaging students in sustainability while supporting farmers to re-forest Uganda. Every education customer receives a free forest to offset a proportion of the projects CO2 and to give every student their own tree to adopt, track and chat to.

TG Escapes have dedicated one of their forests to attendees of the Festival of Learning Spaces. To claim your tree and support this re-forestation initiative, simply follow this link.

Adopt, track it and chat to your very own tree.